POP - Professional Hair Dryer

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The innovative POP Hair Dryer is a high quality product that promises to revolutionize the hair drying experience. One of the first things you notice about this product is its sleek and modern design, making it perfect for home or professional use.

It features an SGS certification, which means it has undergone rigorous safety and quality tests, all of which it successfully passed. This is an important factor to consider when buying a hair dryer, as safety should always be our priority .

The most amazing thing about POP Hair Dryer is its low power consumption , with only 1200w of power. This means that you will be able to dry your hair with less electricity than other traditional hair dryers, reducing energy consumption.

POP Hair Dryer is also self-cleaning , which means that maintenance will be much easier and faster than with other products. Furthermore, the motor inverter makes this product very silent during use, eliminating the annoying noise that is often heard with traditional hair dryers.

The LCD screen menu control makes this product very easy to use. You can choose between different temperature settings and air speeds, in order to get the perfect dryness for your hair.

POP Hair Dryer is an innovative , high quality and safe product that offers a completely new and improved hair drying experience . If you are looking for an efficient, quiet and easy to use hair dryer, this product is definitely the right choice for you.

POP - Professional Hair Dryer

The innovative POP Hair Dryer features absolute quality with SGS certification, elegant design and an energy consumption of only 1200w. It has a self-cleaning function, motor inverter to reduce noise.

Advanced technology

Crimper Oneway® has an ultra-rapid heating system which thus allows heat to be distributed evenly over the hair, for a uniform and shiny hairstyle.

POP - Professional Hair Dryer

The future is already here

With its innovative , high - quality and safe design , the POP - Professional Hair Dryer offers a completely new and improved hair drying experience .

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- SGS certification
- Only 1200w of consumption
- Self-cleaning with motor inverter.
- Double magnetic air filter
- Superlight only 297gr
- 110,000 rpm
-LCD display