Multistyler tips

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Style: Bead spheres 25mm


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Multistyler tips

Silkier, healthier-looking curls, waves and creases. Now it's possible thanks to the new tips compatible with our Multistyler!

Quality, period.

The tips in Argan Oil, Keratin & Macadamia allow the hair to glide without being damaged by the heat.

Multistyler tips

Perfect curls

By combining these tips with your Multistyler Oneway®, thanks to the ultra-rapid heating system, you can give yourself a uniform and shiny hairstyle.

What's included?

Take advantage of a full 2-year warranty on your purchase.

Compatible with:

Multistyler Oneway® PODMultistyler Oneway® POD
Multistyler Oneway® POD
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