Multistyler POD + Spiral 32mm

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Spiral Multistyler 32mm

The only Multistyler with tips infused in Argan Oil, Keratin & Macadamia, which thanks to these properties allows the hair to glide without being damaged by the heat.

The future is already here.

The new Oneway® professional Multistyler to create silkier, healthier-looking curls, waves and creases.

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Spiral Multistyler 32mm

Advanced technology

Furthermore, the Oneway® Multistyler has an ultra-rapid heating system which thus allows the distribution of heat evenly over the hair, for a uniform and shiny hairstyle.

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- Argan Oil, Keratin & Macadamia infused ceramic multistyler.

- Adjustable temperature from 80°C to 230°C.

- Ultra-fast uniform heating system .

- HeatBoost for immediate heat recovery.

- Soft touch coating material for a better grip.

- Professional anti-fusion cable of 3mt.

- Automatic shutdown after 1h.

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